February 3, 2012


Phone Systems, Overhead Paging Systems, Conference Call Solutions – By partnering with the leading suppliers and manufacturing of telecommunication components, we are able to provide custom solutions to small and large businesses throughout California and many other locations.

Communication Solutions

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Panasonic Communications Solutions

Through the bridging of both telecom and IT networks, Panasonic’s advanced business telephone systems can help to improve your productivity, save you money, and integrate your phone system and IT infrastructure.
Panasonic Enhanced Communication Solutions—Reliable, Affordable, Flexible. For more information or call us at (855) 554-4747:

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Digium – Phone Systems to Power Your Business




Carrier Services Quote: Are you getting the best value from your telecommunications provider? We offer a free audit of your current phone and internet expenses. Then compare your monthly billing to the top providers and quote you on options with the best value. You’ll get more then one quote to choose from. Getting started is easy, simply call us at (855) 554-4747 or get a free online quote.

Phone System Quote: Iris Communications would like to offer you the opportunity to receive a no-obligation estimate on a new Business Telephone System without hassles or wasting a lot of your valuable time. Go ahead and complete the form below and you will receive an immediate telephone system cost estimate.

Iris Communications Training

Before your new voice system goes “live”, your Iris Communications Customer Service Representative will be available on-site to provide training on the system for all company staff. Training sessions (45-minutes to one hour in length) between your Iris Communications Rep and groups of six to eight employees will be conducted. Training in small groups is emphasized because it allows for better question-and-answer exchange and gives all employees a better opportunity to properly see the benefits of the system. To increase employee familiarization and the level of comfort they feel for the new system, your Iris Communications Rep will also distribute comprehensive training guides and customized memos/flowcharts during these training sessions.

Iris Communications will take every step possible and necessary to help your employees feel more comfortable and better understand this new technology. It has been our experience that however hesitant or wary some employees may be towards the system at the beginning, they soon come to be quite accepting and enthusiastic once they recognize the numerous benefits it confers.


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