PAETEC Data and Voice Products

PAETEC delivers personalized communications solutions and unmatched service to business-class customers

PAETEC was founded in 1998 when CEO Arunas A. Chesonis and a core team of executives recognized that existing telecommunications providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business – first-rate customer service.

What Paetec is
Today, PAETEC delivers personalized communications solutions and unmatched service to business-class customers in more than 80 percent of the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas. We are the premier alternative to the ILECs, based on our nationwide footprint, breadth of products, and quality of service.

PAETEC’s data and voice products – and our unique value-added offerings – help customers achieve cost-effective solutions.

Our philosophy of personalizing business solutions is at the heart of what PAETEC does. We take pride in supplying the most appropriate solution for each customer based on their individual needs, and our dedicated service professionals diligently work to ensure complete satisfaction.

PAETEC’s core offerings portfolio spans data, voice, and Internet communications services. Our value-added solutions portfolio encompasses data center solutions, communications management software, equipment, and software and equipment financing programs.

Industry Solutions Strategy
The telecommunications industry is without question the most complex single sector of the world economy. This is due to the fact that the variety and complexity of the markets we serve is virtually unlimited. PAETEC specializes in developing targeted solutions for medium and large businesses, affinity groups, and governmental organizations across North America. To take this to the next level, PAETEC has adopted an industry solutions strategy to marketing and developing our products and services. Using this methodology, we invest the time and resources necessary to analyze and understand the specific challenges faced by organizations. We then create precise, highly targeted solutions, industry-by-industry, business-by-business.

Leadership Markets
Today, PAETEC has achieved a leadership position in a variety of significant industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, professional services, and retail. Our customer retention rates are exceptional, and our rapport with industry leaders, customers, and partners is noteworthy. There’s a simple reason for this – we take the time to understand our customers’ businesses as if they were our own. Only then do we offer solutions that are precisely tailored to the problem set. It’s an approach that solves short-term problems with long-term solutions.

Intelligent Partnering
The communications requirements of medium to large businesses in North America are substantial and continue to grow with further developments in technology, the regulatory environment, and the pressures of increasing competition. As a result, PAETEC knows that it’s imperative to develop business partnerships with the leading technology providers around the world. It is essential that our business partners share our values and our vision. We expect that our partners push the boundaries of technology and flexibility, provide a rational cost structure, and unparalleled RAS (reliability, availability, and serviceability). And most importantly, that customer service is their number one priority.
Corporate Mission

PAETEC’s corporate mission is to be the most customer and employee-oriented communications provider.

Corporate Values
Our dynamic growth has been achieved by adhering to basic values that will continue to define PAETEC in the future: The essence of the PAETEC Experience can be summarized in the following four Corporate Values:

  • Caring Culture
  • Open Communication
  • Unmatched Service
  • Personalized Solutions

Every aspect of our company is aligned with at least one of these four values, whether it is how we run our business, satisfy our customers, or treat our people. There are many reasons why customers initially select PAETEC; however, the relationship established is what keeps them with us.